Sanji All opponent faced and Defeated | Fandom (2023)

Sanji All opponent faced and Defeated | Fandom (1)


Gin & Pearl– Before even joining Luffy’s crew, Sanji found himself at a very tough spot and faced the crew members of Don Krieg. He defeated no of pirates and even kicked the hell out of Pearl, who was different from the others and was known for his unbreakable wall. As Sanji could finish off Pearl, Gin intervened and knocked his own crewmate down in order to fight Sanji himself. Gin unleashed counterattacks on Sanji and mocked him that he could never beat him. Infuriated with anger Sanji finally managed to get the better of Gin. Somehow there was the change of heart in Gin and he inhaled poisonous gas to save Luffy.

Kurobi– Kurobi was the Fishman and Sanji came across him at Arlong Park. Kuroobi took pride in his immense strength of Fishman Karate and superior race. He ambushed Sanji in water and restrained him in getting out of the water to take breathe. Somehow Sanji was able to escape from his clutches and put the big man to rest by his Flambogue Shot, thus ending the fight.


Unlukies– Sanji managed to raid the hideout of Mr.3 and manipulated crocodile in providing him the false news of entire Strawhat crew got killed. Later he killed Unluckies to prevent them from exposing him.

Wapol Pirates– In drum Island Sanji fought with lapahns and challenged the army of Wapol along with the Luffy. He took on chess and Kuromarimo and kicked the hell out of them.

Mr.2– Sanji received a tough challenge in Alabasta in form of Mr. 2, who was a master of Okhama fighting style. This was also the first time when Black Leg Sanji got someone who challenged him in a fight. Bon clay had an ability to face swipe, thanks to his devil fruit ability. He kept on wiping his face with that of Nami and relentlessly attacked Sanji. Sanji due to his Hentai nature kept holding back. After a brief altercation, Sanji managed to defeat him and thus earning a good victory.

Enel& Satori – In Skypiea Sanji came across a priest named Satori. Satori had a control over Observation Haki and kept on predicting Sanji’s move and attacking in his own way. Sanji only managed to kick him because Luffy was holding him up and with one kick to his head Satori passed out. Sanji also had some brief scuffle with Enel and had to face several repercussions due to the encounter.

Davy Jones Fight– Along with Zoro, Sanji participated in a competition and after few ups and down they finally were able to defeat the trio of foxy pirates clean.

Admiral Aokiji– Sanji alongside with another member of Monster trio fought with Admiral Aokiji. But it didn’t go well for them. They got their ass handed over by the Admiral and suffered an onrushing defeat.

Franky family– to avenge Usopp, Sanji alongside other members of Strawhats brought misery to Franky family and took out all of them at one go. They destroyed the hideout of the Franky family too.

Blueno and other marines– When Sanji sneaked on the sea train to get Robin back he fought with no of marines along with their cook and ended up defeating all of them. Sanji hits Concasser to Blueno and was on the verge of taking down Tekkai.

Khalifa– at Ennies Lobby Sanji first squared with Khalifa, but due to his chivalry, he resisted in kicking a woman. In the end, he got whooped and later Nami took his place.

Jabura– after Khalifa, Sanji shifted his focus to Jabura, another master of Rokuishik Technique. He also had an ability of wolf having been consumed Zoan devil fruit. Both fought brutally with Sanji emerging victorious out of this matchup. Along with the fight Sanji managed to gain a power-up of Diable Jambe or The demon leg.

Absalom– Sanji was infuriated with Absalom due to him shattering his dream of becoming invisible. Sanji got furious when he found out that Absalom was going to marry Nami. He made Absalom experience the repercussions of his fierce attacks. Sanji managed to destroy Absalom and free Nami from his clutches.Oars- Along with Strawhats Sanji launched counterattacks against the Oars who were possessed by Luffy’s shadow. With Diable Jambe combat attacks he managed to topple Oars on the ground.

Kuma and Kizaru– In Sabaody Archipelago when Kizaru and PXs were in hot pursuit of Zoro. He was the first one to go after PX in order to save him. But it was still no use as hi cracked his shin and slumped to the ground. Sanji all opponents faced and defeated.

Ivankov– At Kamabakka Island, in order to retrieve information from Ivankov, Sanji got engaged in a fight with him but to no avail as he got taken out by the Okama king.


Wadatsumi– In Fishman Island, Sanji battled with Wadatsumi. He showed his new technique of Skywalk and with Diable Jambe specter managed to defeat the giant fish.

Vergo– At punk Hazard in the new world, Sanji squared off against the right hand of Doflamingo. The battle between both was focused on the onslaught of kick course. The battle was turning out to be intense and Vero was having an upper hand on him as Sanji got his shins cracked. But Vergo soon took off and the fight was left in between, too much annoyance of fan.

Doflamingo– In process of saving his crewmate Sanji took on the warlord himself. With his fiery Diable Jambe and Kick course earned the great amount of appreciation from Doflamingo, before putting out by the same men. He was saved by Trafalgar Law. Sanji all opponents faced and defeated.

Germa 66– Sanji faced his family after he returned back to his Kingdom. Sanji kicked some manners in his little brother Yonji, he got involved in a brawl with Niji. Sanji also dueled with his father Vinsmoke Sanji and was left in despair.

Oven- Sanji had just a miniscule moment to save Capone’s wife from hands of Oven, and he didn’t disappointed. Because in a fraction of second he managed to land a fast attack and in that exact moment he saved her as well. Oven was stunned and was left furious.

Big Mom Pirates– Sanji fought various members of Big Mom Pirates in his Retrieval Arc. He fought Perospero, Oven, Daifuku and several other minions of the crew. Sanji also managed to keep other pirates at bay and safely retrieved Luffy back to Sunny.

Daifuku– Sanji fought with the genie of Daifuku for some time and manged to save Sunny from the attacks of Daifuku, who was damned straightened to sink the ship.

Wano Arc

Kyoshiro Family- With his Soba master, “Sangroo” gimmick on”, Sanji got furious when some ruffians belonging to Kyoshiro family interrupted his daily saga. They destroyed food and threatened his customers which made Sanji beat all of them, with Franky couldn’t be left out of a much-awaited fun. Making it in the list of Sanji all opponents faced and defeated.

X-Drake– Just moments ago, Sanji got finally reunited with Zoro as both haven’t laid eyes on each other since the Doflamingo Arc, and what a situation it is to be able to meet with each other. Both of them faced enemies at this crucial moment and managed to save O-Toko from enemy. Sanji confronted X-Drake, and played around with him for some good amount of time. He later on in his “Black Stealth” form also was involved in a short scuffle with Drake and Hawkins.

Page One- With Law, Franky and Usopp mesmerised by the Germa 66 “Stealth Black” suit, the self proclaimed Soba mask didn’t backed down from a fight, when a challenge was thrown at him. Sanji breaking his vow of never to wear the suite and belittling the Germa 66 name. Don in the suit for the sake of his friends and went toe-to-toe with Page one and devoured his opponent. His long lost dream of Invisibility was also realised as he attained some powerful new powers.

Currently Sanji alongside his comrades is in Onigashima castle and raiding the fort of Beat Pirates. But according to the last chapter his old weakness has again come back from the past to haunt him, as he got himself entrapped in the ploy of Black Maria


Who did Sanji fight? ›

One Piece: Sanji's 10 Best Fights, Ranked
  • 3 Page One: Prejudice.
  • 4 Luffy: An Unyielding Captain. ...
  • 5 Bon Clay: A Fellow Kick Fighter. ...
  • 6 Wadatsumi: A Showcase. ...
  • 7 Jabra: The Demon Emerges. ...
  • 8 Vergo: The Superior Defense. ...
  • 9 Satori: A Blooming Fighting Style. ...
  • 10 Blueno: An Omen of Things to Come. ...
Feb 17, 2023

Who will be Sanji's final opponent? ›

Many fans believe that Sanji's final opponent could be Admiral Kizaru, as the two of them have been seen battling each other in one of the OPs. There are others who believe it could be Jesus Burgess, but it is important to remember that it is Zoro, who fights the right-hand man of the enemy.

Who did Sanji defeat in Whole Cake Island? ›

Sanji battles against his estranged father Judge. At Lake Aprico behind the Whole Cake Chateau, several Germa ships docked together to form the mobile Germa Kingdom. There, Sanji had reunited with Yonji and beaten him up after Yonji tried bossing him around.

Has Sanji defeated Queen in anime? ›

As a result of the hit, Queen was defeated and sent flying away from Onigashima, marking the end of the battle. Sanji then showed O-Some that he saved Chuji.

Can Sanji defeat Naruto? ›

All of Sanji's physical attributes have gained a significant power boost, but his signature kicks won't be enough to beat someone like Naruto. If he were to enter Sage Mode, Naruto can sense the kicks coming and act accordingly. It also helps that Naruto is a great hand-to-hand fighter.

Who betrays Sanji? ›

In the Whole Cake Island arc, Pudding tried to help the Straw Hat Pirates, however, she was actually leading them into a trap. She betrayed not just the Straw Hat Pirates but Sanji as well and was planning on killing him and his entire family.

What is Sanji's biggest fight? ›

Serving as his ultimate fight in the Wano arc, Sanji vs. Queen is easily his best fight in the entire series. He experiences both a mental and physical metamorphosis throughout the conflict, serving as a fantastic capstone to his backstory.

Did Sanji beat all his brothers? ›

While Sanji did get beat up by him and all his other brothers, he is undoubtedly stronger than them. Sanji's new Raid Suit takes him a step ahead of his brothers now, but even without it, he's more than capable of defeating Ichiji in combat.

Who breaks Sanji's heart? ›

As part of her mother's plan to assassinate the entire Vinsmoke Family, Pudding deceived Sanji into believing she loved him, taking advantage of his attraction towards her as well as his own vulnerable state of mind (caused by her family taking his friends and Zeff hostage).

Who becomes Sanji's wife? ›

Sanji decided that he would find solace by marrying Charlotte Pudding. He tried his very best to pretend that he was not affected by the events taking place around him. He opened up to Pudding and told her about everything that was in his heart, and at that time, it seemed that Pudding reciprocated Sanji's feelings.

Can Sanji beat jinbei? ›

In terms of strength, however, Sanji is certainly much stronger than Jinbe. This was evident in the Wano Country arc, where Jinbe was paired to fight against Who's Who. While Jinbe ended up defeating him with rather ease, he still took quite a significant amount of damage in the fight.

Why did Sanji kick Luffy? ›

Big Mom was not someone they could take on lightly. Sanji already knew this, which is why he agreed to his forced marriage with Pudding. Big Mom promised to leave the Straw Hats alone if he went through with it. When he ran into them right before the wedding, Sanji viciously attacked Luffy just to make him go away.

Did Sanji beat Luffy in a fight? ›

Luffy's Haki had already exhausted due to fighting against Cracker and then being beaten by Sanji. Expectedly, Luffy was captured by the army and taken to the book prison of Mont d'Or inside Whole Cake Chateau. Ultimately, Jinbe saved him and Luffy then went on to wreak havoc in Whole Cake Island.

Who does Sanji defeat in Wano? ›

Sanji fought his best fight in the Wano Country arc against Queen the Plague of the Beasts Pirates. The fight was certainly one of the most incredible ones in the arc, as not only did it deliver on some amazing action, but it also had strong character writing for Sanji.

Does Sanji can beat Luffy? ›

Despite being a very strong fighter in his own right, Sanji has zero chance of winning against his captain. Not only do Luffy's Devil Fruit powers allow him a noticeable advantage, but he also wields an immensely superior Haki, meaning that he can easily overpower Sanji.

Has Sanji surpassed Zoro? ›

Zoro is always one step ahead of Sanji

This pattern also establishes a power hierarchy within the monster trio, and its solidified by their bounties. Sanji has only once surpassed Zoro in terms of bounty, and that's because the latter wasn't even in the arc.

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