Kids Meet a Bank Robber | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids (2023)


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Curious kids meet--and interview--people with particular points of view.

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Every kid – including the one inside each of us – needs imagination and curiosity about the world. Hiho promotes empathy through play.

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Kids Meet a Bank Robber | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

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HiHo Kids


You know the the card they bring money to the bank.

Yes, what part did you rob the truck or the bank I rub the truck? How didn't you do that? How did you know all the difference between all this stuff? I watch movies hi.

What's your name, I'm Jesse I'm Anthony nice to meet you nice to meet you.

My name is Celine nice to meet you.

Why it's very professional like that, like that coat, you look very professional.

Thank you, okay! So what are we here to talk about now? What do you think? You know why you're here I do? Why are we here because of something that you did in 2008 I am a bank robber I? Was a bank robber you're, a big robber? Basically, a bit well kind of a bank robber I was addicted to drugs.

Now that's a whole different story, so it made me really really think kind of stupid.

Why did you say a bad word? What did I say, stupid I did look.

I wasn't very smart during the robbery.

Were you on drugs? I was always on drugs.

What part did you rob the truck or the bank I rubbed the truck? How did you do that? How did you know all the difference between all this stuff? I watch movies.


Well, yes, I robbed a Brinks armored car society like idealizes, like good heist movies like Ocean's, eleven or Thomas Crown for great movies.

I was kind of like two fascinated in your story: yeah, it's probably not a good thing.

What is exactly your story? I place.

An ad like I, was an employer for people to show up at the bank at the same time, and when people responded saying yes, I'd, like the job, I wrote back and I said: okay show up at the bank at 11:00, make sure to wear a blue shirt.

A blue hat and a safety vest the same outfit.

That I was wearing the day of the robbery.

The her car pulls in the guy gets out and he's just doing his thing: fine I'm walking by him and then turns to him pepper sprays.

Him takes the money and then takes off.

How do you get away with the money I had a landscaper or like a yard workers, outfit on with the wig and I ripped all of this stuff off and I, threw it on the ground and a pile and I had a totally different outfit on okay.

So what are people gonna say? Who robbed the bank person wearing the orange? That's right was I wearing orange anymore.

No, no I was last seen running like towards this highway and when the other side there's this little stream that no one really knows about and God.

You know what energy abyss yeah I went down through the money into the inner tube got on my back and pulled myself upstream went up this little hill got in the trunk of a car, and my buddy drove off I went home to my wife and two-year-old and 15 day old, baby Wow.

Why did you do it when you were in such a good position? I was desperate and it was like we had this house on the outside.

You bet Wow, you know he's got everything, but I was losing everything.

How much money did you steal? I still, four hundred thousand I thought you stole nine million.

Are you not home from the earth? Yes, but I.

Don't know.

If he's supposed to be impressed, he's not impressed.

You should work hard for your money like get a job, not like steal money right, I shouldn't have stolen that money.

Wait, so you hide the secret.

It was a secret.

Yes, next spider-man hide his suit, except Spiderman was doing good things yeah.

Yes, so obviously there was there's one flaw in your plan.

Yeah a week and a half before the robbery happened, I was doing a time run.

Time is very important.

You know why time so important you're committing crimes, no I'm teaching you guys the commute Christ.

Why do you think times so important? Is it the math I know? Yes, here like going to work and you're still sleeping in bed and the time this specular, like smack I, have no idea what you guys are talking about.

So I did a time run to get from the bank to the creek, to the creek, to the car, no I, don't think I'm doing in my head, I'm, not doing anything wrong that day.

This homeless man is like hey, I know what that stuff is and I blew him off.


What happened is this guy called in the police? There was enough for them to basically get surveillance and follow me around.

Meanwhile, like the crime happens, a week later and I'd gone to a gas station, throwing away a bottle.

Okay, they waited until I drove off retrieved the bottle tested it for DNA ding, ding, ding I was caught by a homeless guy.

Did you think you'd get caught? No, why would I do it? If I did that's kind of our criminal thinks hmm right stupid? Yes, have you seen Batman I have, and you know the joke.


Yes, he was a bank robber - the bad guy landed, a guy am ia bad guy.

Then he went to jail for it.

I went to jail, so how long have you been in jail? I was sentenced to six years in prison.

Prison is just like absolutely wretched place in the movies.

Like you know, what was it like in real life like when you watch a TV show, there's like somebody getting stabbed all the time or whatever no like it.

That does happen, but it's not violent and crazy all the time.

It's just so depressing that you can almost feel it.

It's like in the air, that's something they probably wouldn't show on a movie yeah I remembered I used to visit.

My dad went Inlet prison and then my dad came back from prison and what was that day like it was a happiest day of my life.

I bet you, it was the happiest day, your dad's do what would happen if you hadn't got got I would have kept doing other stuff, they would have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and sorry glad you got caught.

Yes, absolutely would you do it again? No! Well, you know why the main reason, why was not so much prison and that I got punished and all the you know things that happen in prison.

It was that I was away from my kids, I cared about them right and so I started drawing on pictures and I would send them home and I knew they were a little.

But they'd look at the picture, probably for a second and then they, you know put it away, but at least they would know that their daddy drew that picture for him and I started making books for him.

Okay, like happy birthday book and then I would make stories and I really got in to drawing books.

Well, when I came home from prison, I just made my own books at first.

No one bought him, but then I had one book that became a best-seller I got really really lucky and I was able to again buy a house, so my family could all live together again.

Do you make a lot of money writing books, I'm, making more money writing books than I did when I was a criminal? These are based after my daughter's my dad they're named Isabella and Lila and they're detectives in that, and they got to find out who stole the cake.

Isn't that ironic? It's very ironic: do you think you're a good role model for kids? No, there's a lot to learn from people who fail.

I am a great example of what not to do.

You learned your lesson from me.

That's good! That's good! That means never rob a bank you're really good at this.


Where is hiho kids studio? ›

PO Box 19604 Seattle, WA 98109 📦

What happened to Maddox from HiHo Kids? ›

Maddox Ritch died of 'probable drowning,' no criminal charges expected. Since then, an FBI special agent who assisted in the search for Maddox developed a one-page questionnaire for investigators to use when a child with autism goes missing.

Who is Marina in HiHo kids? ›

Marina Taylor is the Creative Director and Producer at HiHo Kids and a Producer at Cut Video in Seattle, WA.

Where was kids Incorporated filmed? ›

The show continued to be shown in reruns on the Disney Channel until May 30, 1996. It is still the longest running show in Disney Channel's history. The show was filmed at Hollywood Center Studios, but later moved to Sunset Gower Studios.

Who is the director of HiHo kids? ›

“Every video is real things in the real world, and it's our real reaction.” Marina Taylor is the creative director of HiHo Kids.

What does HiHo mean? ›

interjection. an exclamation of weariness, disappointment, surprise, or happiness.

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