Delta 8 THC Reviews: Delta 8 Gummies, Candy, and More (2023)

We generally dedicate our time to expanding our Cannabis Encyclopedia, a thorough resource for all things CBD, Delta-8-THC, and hemp related. Today, however, I offer you a collection of Delta-8-THC reviews—possibly the last one you’ll ever need to get some insight on Delta-8’s effects, flavor, duration, and more.

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As the primary writer at Vida Optima, I’ve had the pleasure of trying (almost) every product in our Delta-8 line. I like to think of myself as having a unique circumstance—my sensitivity to Delta-9-THC often left me anxious, paranoid, and otherwise uncomfortable after using traditional THC edibles.

Delta-8-THC posed a potential solution to the problem, so I gave it a shot, and it was everything I hoped it would be. In light of my positive first hand encounter, I thought I’d break down my personal experience in terms of taste, effects, duration, and overall usefulness.

Whether you’re looking for a general Delta-8 gummy review to help you decide if you should try Delta-8-THC for yourself, or you want the decadent details on just how creamy our Delta-8 caramels really are, you’ll find what you need in the Delta-8-THC reviews below:

Delta-8-THC Gummies Review

Our Delta-8-THC gummy was the first product I tried, so I thought it was only natural that our Delta-8-THC reviews follow suit. Our Elev8 Delta-8 Gummy offers a 10 mg dose, which seemed like a suitable starting point for a beginner.

At this point, I didn't know much about what to expect, but I assumed it'd be a milder version or a regular THC edible. This assumption turned out to be both right and wrong, and ultimately I'm okay with it.

Here's why:

These Delta-8-THC gummies are unlike traditional THC gummies in many ways. I never felt high (like to the point of being unable to partake in regular activities), and I definitely never felt sedated, groggy, paranoid, or disoriented in any way.

What I did feel (approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes after dosing) is a slow creeping euphoria that made me feel really clear, calm, and at ease.

The psychoactivity was apparent—it definitely did somethingto my brain, but it wasn't the usual case of uncontrollable giggles that led to brief (or sometimes not-so-brief) anxiety. I was feeling cool, collected, and inspired.

Delta 8 THC Reviews: Delta 8 Gummies, Candy, and More (1)

The best way to sum up my Delta-8-THC gummy review is to describe them as a sort of "cognitive energy" supplement. One that also delicately enhanced my mood.

The primary similarity between taking Delta-8 gummies and my previous experiences with traditional THC edibles is that I got pretty hungry about two hours after dosing. Nothing a slice of pizza couldn't fix!

Overall, the brilliant euphoria from these Delta-8 gummies lasted right at four hours before waning away, which makes them perfect for unwinding in the afternoon.

What do they taste like?

These gummies actually come in a 10-count (or 30-count) bottle of assorted fruit flavors. Think sweet, tangy citrus and berry flavored chews.

The texture of these gummy “drops” closely resembles a gumdrop. They’re soft, chewy, and melt-in-your-mouth just enough that they don’t stick to your teeth.

Opinion: Who Should Use These Delta-8 Gummies?

Our 10 mg Delta-8 gummies are the perfect “beginner dose,” and I thoroughly enjoyed them as a “first step” into Delta-8, even as an experienced THC user. The effects are slow-rolling and consistent, so there’s really no limit to who can benefit from these gummies.

Delta-8 Caramels Review

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not always a fan of caramels. It's not that they aren't delicious, it's just that I generally avoid foods that become super glued to my teeth.

Luckily, that wasn't exactly the case with these melt-in-your-mouth Delta-8-THC caramels, which makes a case for what we're dealing with here—sublingual-style edibles.

THC-infused edibles that are slowly absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth as they dissolve aren't exactly new to the market, but there aren't many Delta-8-THC products out there with this design.

The benefits are outstanding. Sublingual absorption is fast, effective, and has a higher absorption rate than traditional edibles. So, I jumped (halfway) in.

After experiencing the ten milligram dose above, I wanted to see how Delta-8-THC felt if I turned the meter past "mild." Since the caramels come in both a 10 mg and 50 mg dose, I decided to cut a 50 mg Delta-8-THC caramel in half and try out a (roughly) 25 mg dose.

Delta 8 THC Reviews: Delta 8 Gummies, Candy, and More (2)

I was pleasantly surprised when the familiar euphoria creeped on after about 40 minutes, around half the time it took for the Delta-8-THC gummy to kick in. The effects were similar, but I felt a significant "body buzz" with the higher dose that I didn't feel the first time around.

The mental elevation and boosted creativity paired well with the "floaty feeling" I experienced, which kind of made me want to go for a brisk jog (if I hadn't had some work to do instead).

The unique euphoria was closer to the effects of a traditional cannabis edible, but still much milder and with none of the usual drawbacks. I also really love that it didn't render me incapable of getting daily tasks done (although I should note that I didn't drive or operate machinery while under the influence of Delta-8, and you shouldn't either.)

The duration of effect was a little shorter lived. I started to feel the effects fade after roughly 3.5 hours.

What do they taste like?

Creamy, sweet, and extremely decadent. These caramels actually have no hempy taste at all, and instead leave behind a hint of buttery sweetness that makes it hard not to eat more.

Opinion: Who Should Use These Delta-8 Caramels?

Because the caramels are available in both 10 mg and 50 mg doses, they make a solid option for beginners and advanced delta-8-THC users.

They’re especially useful for those looking for a fast-acting dose that doesn’t have any hemp aftertaste. Plus, they’re soft so they're easy to cut and portion, which means you can cut the 50 mg portion down to size without much hassle.

If you want a quick way to chill out in the afternoons or want some creative inspiration, these are for you.

Delta-8 Candy Review

I couldn’t complete these Delta-8 reviews without mentioning our unique Delta-8 candies, which offer a sublingual style just like the caramels above but taste a lot like everyone favorite “rancher” candies.

Because our Elev8 Hard Candy is a bit more difficult to cut and portion, I resolved to just take two 10 mg doses, for a total 20 mg dose. Disregarding the flavor and texture, our experience with the Delta-8-THC Candies was incredibly similar to what I felt after the caramel dose. They offer the same sublingual dosing styles and equally fast acting effects.

Delta 8 THC Reviews: Delta 8 Gummies, Candy, and More (3)

The main difference is that the mild euphoria and body buzz both seemed to last a bit longer, potentially because the candies dissolve a bit slower in the mouth. Either way, I still felt pretty chill at the 4.5 hour mark and definitely noticed lingering effects for another hour afterwards.

What do they taste like?

Our Mixed Fruit Elev8 Delta 8 Candy comes in assorted fruit flavors, including Watermelon, Apple, Tangerine, and Raspberry. Each piece has a good balance of sweet and tangy, and I didn’t notice much aftertaste with any flavor.

Opinion: Who Should Use These Delta-8-THC Candies?

Delta 8 THC Reviews: Delta 8 Gummies, Candy, and More (4)

The Elev8 Delta-8-THC Candies work pretty similarly to the caramels, but with longer lasting effects. The Mixed Fruit variety isavailable in 10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg strengths.

Hard Candies can’t be cut and portioned as easily as soft caramels, but it’s possible that the effects could last longer since they take a bit longer to fully absorb.

We recommend the Elev8 Hard Candies to anyone that’s looking for a mellow buzz that kicks in fast and lasts for hours.

Where to Buy Legal Delta-8-THC Edibles and More

Delta-8-THC is federally legal, but only when it’s made according to federal laws regarding industrial hemp products. You also need to check out the Delta-8-THC laws in your state, since every state has varying terms for Delta-8’s legality.

It’s important to source Delta-8-THC only from a trustworthy source, since Delta-8-THC that’s made incorrectly or with low-quality ingredients could be illegal or even unsafe.

At Vida Optima, all of our products are 100% Farm Bill compliant and made with premium hemp and high-quality ingredients. Each product comes backed with a third-party lab test that you can view before you buy, and we’re always happy to help you find the right products for you. Just check out ourElev8 Collection where you’ll find a selection of Delta-8 oil, edibles, flowers, vapes, and more.

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