Can We Get to The NEW SECRET ENDING in Roblox Pet Story?! Let's Play Ryan & Mommy! PART 2 (2023)


Can We get to The NEW SECRET ENDING in Roblox Pet Story?! Let's Play Ryan & Mommy! PART 2


Previously, on adopt pet stories: oh hey susie: when am I going to get adopted, susie hello, a car ride someone's getting adopted where oh there, it is.

It's granny, it's granny gravy's gone on, okay! Well, we are stuck in here now.

Oh, she locked the door, green egg, open the door all right.

All right.

Can we unlock the windows? Oh look unlock! Oh! Is that easy? Where are we for real? You better! Stop moving mm-hmm, okay, we're just in the road! This is dangerous guys! You know just go on the side yeah! I gotta go on the sidewalk okay, but why are there bones just on the street and they're just straight? Are they criminals they're, not criminals, right they're? Just like these? Oh they're, nice people right, yeah, they're, just people.

Oh no! I got hurt how the car hit me.

I was looking for bones.

The car almost did wait.

Was it even? Ah, I just got double-headed double-headed.

I got a double card.

Oh somebody.

Oh some stray street, something some stray dogs, street dogs, street dogs, yeah.

We just want to go home.

You know the way bob tell this puppy we'll pay to the fancy dogs.

Then what do you mean? Oh we're fancy! Thank you.

Oh thank y'all.

Oh that's nicely we're helping! Oh thank you! Bob! That's sweet of you! No bob! We talked about this.

Oh no.

What is he gonna? Do we traced? No, what no wait wait.

Wait doesn't make any sense.

We taste stinky, you don't want us.

Okay, run, run, run, run, run, don't go near them, get on a tree or something okay.

Well, you can't get on our journey.

Oh no! There's a dog after um, um, yeah, I'm doing great, there's a dog after you yeah! This is me! Oh, oh there's an eat thing come over here: okay, okay, sorry! I thought that was that's.

That's not even hurry! Okay.

What oh wait is that good or bad, because sometimes animal patrol could be good, good and bad and bad exactly oh! No! I wouldn't want you.

No, we gotta go find get out, get out, get out, get out eat.

This thing eat this thing where, where on the side, where exactly where I am- I don't see you here.

Thank you, ryan, ryan's, helping me.

Okay, go.

Go, go, go, go, run away from pet control.

Let's go, let's go bob! Oh I'm saying! Oh! No! Where is whoa camellia where's, she canelo canela! Oh no over here, oh yeah! Oh, no, I'm! So sorry.

Bye, hang on camellia we're coming for you.

How? How are you gonna go? Go, go, get em! Get! I see the car still so we chase after the car go.

Go, go okay, so try to follow the truck, but not get caught.

Why they have such low uh like they can barely see anything.

I don't know right, okay, we're following the truck wait.

If we get caught, we don't have booze instantly all day.

Oh no! Oh! No! They just start following us.

When we get caught yeah, so we're fine.

We can just look.

We can just walk through yeah and then we're just out of there.

I like how they could they can't see outside of the circle? Oh no guys! Oh no! Do I get caught.

Okay! Sorry, I think I know where they took canila there's an event over there.

Maybe we could enter without being noticed, good idea quickly.

I think we need to choose choose.

What are we choosing choose enter then enter through the events or enter through the main, which one which one classic ending I'm gonna do events.

Okay event: it is I've never done vents before.

Okay and it is that sounds like a better plan.

Yeah agree: how do we get up? Oh yeah, do you guys think about how to even go on the vent? We have to find a way to reach up there.

Okay, let's look for things.

We can pile up.

Okay, all right, oh trash! We can use trash right way.

We can create a staircase good idea.

Oh here we go take the trash okay.

What is going on animal shelter boy? You can't give me you can't give me give me give me: oh, we got everything already guys are cool, guys, look, quick! Let's bite off the vents bite off yeah get out, get in guys free, treats.

Okay, I see the guy animal control and some random dodge.

Don't make sure noise the humans? There's a question.

Question question: mark guy: oh, we couldn't find them doctor.

Those pets didn't go through the main door was we were smarter than that unacceptable? Oh, no, prepared! Okay! That's it's time for plan b, okay, okay, we're so good! Okay, you guys gonna need a plan.

Z turn on that air conditioner.

Oh, no.

The man with the googles is planning something yeah we're going to spell google's googles.

I don't know which way this one cinderella rats the robo rats.

I'm sure these pets are not this pets are not talking about.

No, oh, no wait.

The rest are just a random black thing up there.

I know I don't know, I don't have it.

Oh! No! No! It's finding me the robo rats.

They're no rest are we can we bite them or we have to run.

We have to run.

We just have to run.

Okay got it.

I gotta get it okay.

Look at this tree eat getting treats on the way.

While I run oh, I don't know which way to go.

Oh! No! Oh, oh! Oh no! Yeah! All right! Do we make it? Do we make it? We actually slot a slicer wait: slicer slicer.

Is he on the other team canila's there too? Oh no.

You know what we have to do.

Don't you what guards wait, pull that other dog to the laboratory? Oh no, all right! What do we do guys? What do we do? We have to find that place and see what's going on? Okay, so we can't break through this event.

So we gotta go.

Okay, bob knows what what to do.

Where's bob um, auto air conditioner.

Let's close this cart, don't follow me guys, there's rats that way.

There's rocks that way, and it's not that way over here.

So this way, so what we can tell them.

Thank you flea.

My name is dr slee, hello, dr philly, let me help you come out of your hiding spot.

He knows we're here, oh no, oh no, I fell.

I fell.

We fell guys get up get up all those years.

I've been working silently.

Oh there's two eat things.

Ooh! Thank you.

Robo pets would replace normal for eternity.

Oh, no, oh no, it says, transform all regular pets into robo pets with a giant x on the screen.


Do you see that? Okay? That can't be good? Oh, oh! No! There! He is fleas secret, corpse, okay, robolizer, it's slicer, but robo! Oh, my, oh! No, oh so slicer got transformed into robo slicer.

No rubble nicer! Lighter! Oh! No! Oh! No! Look at that! Oh look at that energy! Lightning! Coming towards him! Okay! Do we bite him? Oh no, can't help him.

Ah, I gotta eat the thingies.

No, no run run away, run away.

Okay, okay, I'm running away! So don't attack him.

We have to wait.

We just have to dodge all this.

Okay and the channels are overloaded.

Okay, we need to disable them.

Gotta get it.

Okay, disable the antenna! Okay, nice! Okay! I guess just go to these antennas and click on them.

I guess disable! Oh you have to fold it.

Okay, there you go all right.

I got it got one: are they oh he's he's done, get him get him, get him a job.

Yeah right! It's rebooting, we're gonna, he's rebooting! Oh no! Come on guys, we've got the teamwork, be positive.

Okay, go go, go, go, go, stay time, I'm staying at antenna too.

Okay, I want to go.

I'm gonna do one I'm doing one.

Two, okay, gotcha got one.

You already got one system damage activating annihilation mode, all right guys.

Only one heart left to go, but there's no food left stand near the antennas.

Okay, okay, all right! I'm gonna send you this antenna.

Like I hurt one time.

I think I'm going goner get it, get it get it.

And yes, I want I'm on it.

Grab one get one come on guys.

Maybe I'll get one.

Do I get one? Oh there's one more, there's one more over there.

No, I got, I think, I'm a very low energy fight time, fight, fight, fight, go, go, go, go, go, go yeah! We got him yeah yeah.

That was close.

My energy is, are you there slicer? Sorry, I I thought slicer was evil in the beginning.

I'm sorry is planning some dr fleas, finding something bigger than this.

No I've been a bad dog, it's okay, slicer.

We forgive you and somehow still care.

Of course, dogs gotta stick together.

Thank you.

Yo welcome.

I think, wait what huh he, what I think he'd slicer is gone like no, more, no he's just resting slicer is resting.

We're gonna, take him to the animal hospital place.

Oh he's, gonna be fine, see you're gonna, be okay.

Buddy, wait we're back into in the pet what happened to granny yeah! This is like the hospital area.

Oh no! No! It's not! No! This is not.

This is the pet adoption center in there.

Thank you for bringing me here.

Of course, you still have to find dr fleet.

Okay, he's still out there.

Oh, my doctor flame, we're gonna, get you yeah.

We need a adoption story pet too.

So we can get dr fleet and find granny.

Am I right? Yeah? Okay, I've been I've accepted it.

I almost forgot slicer.

What are you ready for your surprise? Got it? Oh.

Can you actually go? Can you move yeah? You can go treaty, treats hey bunny as soon as you get better we're going home? Okay, so I guess that's it back to lobby all right guys, so that was our fun pet adoption story.

It was fun.

It was crazy.

We made it.

We still didn't find dr flea and where's granny.

Isn't granny gonna miss us.

She said she wanted some company yeah, okay, so next time there's a pet store.

Adopting two okay, we're gonna find flea we're gonna find granny.

Am I right yeah? So thank you so much for watching subscribe to youtubers for more fun.

Any last words remember we're stamping by easy.


How do you unlock the dog ending? ›

Anyway, the Dog ending is one of Silent Hill 2's joke endings. To unlock it, you need to have beaten the game once and unlocked either all three main endings (Leave, In Water, and Maria) or the Rebirth ending.

How many endings does pet Story have? ›

For the group with a similar name, see Cat Gang. The Sewer Ending is one of the four endings and the current three achievable endings in Pet Story.

What is the final ending break in story Roblox? ›

The Final Ending is one of 4 endings in Break In. It is, as implied by the name, the last ending added to the game. The Final Ending is unlocked when you place Uncle Pete's Pet Louie in the hole under the "Cast Away" board. Unlike the other Endings, this ending does not contain a boss.

How do you get the aquatic ending in Roblox pet story? ›

Upon defeating the hyenas, Canela gives the players an option if they should go to the aquarium or stay on their task to save the zoo. The players decide to go to the aquarium, by climbing up a stack of boxes, and then entering the building afterwards.

How does Secret Life of pets end? ›

The Flushed Pets are about to return to the sewers until a little girl sees Snowball and adopts him, making him happy once again. The other pets return to their owners right before they all get home. Katie comes home and see Max and Duke waiting for her together. She is happy to see the two of them getting along.

Where is the secret door in pet? ›

You'll find it in the Spawn World Shop, which is the first teleport on the list. Head down toward the breakable items and you should see a purple house on the right with a padlock across its door. That's the new Hardcore Mode Secret Door in Pet Simulator X.

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