Biomutant Beginner's Tips and Tricks Guide (2023)

Biomutant is all about surviving a post-apocalyptic world that’s brimming with monsters. It’s also about revenge, with a story centered on the ramifications of one’s actions. There are some charming anthropomorphic characters too. Tribal warfare. Some third-person shooting. Kung fu. Ok, so Biomutant is about a lot of things all at once. It’s complicated, so you’ll need some Biomutant tips and tricks along the way.

That said, players shouldn’t fret about jumping into Experiment 101’s open-world RPG. Though Biomutant features a ton of exposition, interesting (yet somewhat confusing) game mechanics, and a decent number of skills/abilities to sift through, the early moments need not overwhelm.

Our Biomutant beginner’s tips and tricks guide below is proof of that, as it offers some solid tips in hopes of mitigating some of the challenges experienced early on.

Biomutant Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Focus on the Tribes

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Biomutant’s plot is segmented. The death of your parents, giant monsters called World Eaters, the Tree-of-Life — follow any of their bread crumbs, and you’ll eventually find some interesting stuff. Forget all of it. The only things you should focus on when starting are the warring tribes.

Early on, you’ll be given the choice of two tribes to align with. It’s either the honorable, peace-seeking Myriad or the oppressive “only the strong should survive” Jagni. Regardless of which tribe you pick, the next step is to capture all of the opposing side’s outposts.

Why Capture Outposts?

There are several reasons why capturing outposts is more beneficial than tackling Biomutant’s other main quests. For one, they’re a good source of early XP. None of them are that difficult to capture at this point in the game. A few battles, weak puzzles, and some cutscenes later, and you’ve gained a few more experience points.

Another reason to head in their direction is that each outpost houses a yellow flag that unlocks fast travel. They’ll also brighten dark spots (fog of war), populating the map with important details over time.

A captured outpost will unlock merchants, upgrade stations, and special tribal gear. This will allow you to buy and sell various items, as well as collect some powerful (and otherwise unattainable) weapons. And while it’s possible to craft at any time, upgrading gear can only be done at a camp’s crafting stations.

Basically, helping your chosen tribe will net more XP, loot, and fast travel locations than the other main quests in the early hours of Biomutant.

Tip # 2: Stay on the Beaten Path

Biomutant does a good job of balancing enemy encounters. You shouldn’t run into a super-tough opponent while heading to or coming from a location tied to an early quest. On the contrary, most of them will be pushovers. The pendulum swings hard in the opposite direction once you’ve ventured from the beaten path, though.

Enemies of varying sizes will make short work of you in the more dangerous biomes. Unfortunately, they aren’t great at taking damage, either. See a monster with a skull by its name? Forget about it. They can kill you with one hit.

It’s best to stay close to areas near early quests. Unless, of course, you’re feeling brave…

Tip #3: Stray from the Beaten Path

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I know. I just said not to do this. What I meant was not to go exploring haphazardly (at least, not at the start of your game). After you’ve captured a few outposts and unlocked some decent loot, it would be beneficial to venture out into the more dangerous regions of the map. Namely to get Biomutant’s Environmental Suits.

The five environmental suits and their locations are:

  • Oxygen suit – Dead Zone
  • Biohazard suit – Biohazard Zone
  • Cold suit – Cold Zone
  • Heat suit – Heat Zone
  • Radioactive suit – Radioactive Zone

Each suit makes it easier to traverse a specific biome — for example, the Heat suit will keep you from dying in the sun-scorched regions of the desert.

To find them, you’ll need to visit these hazardous places and unlock their corresponding quest; the game will send you to a pingdish (think radio tower) to “ping” a suit’s location. Avoid the high-level enemies as you make your way to each suit.

These environmental suits aren’t 100% needed to complete most of the Biomutant’s quests, but they will make life easier in the long run. This was especially true for me when it came to dealing with the first World Eater. To face the monster, I had to complete a quest that would reward me with the Mekton (mech) assault vehicle. Unfortunately, the quest glitched, and Gizmo failed to raise the gate that would allow me to pilot the vehicle in the Dead Zone.

The only way around this glitch was to call the Mekton to my location. It only spawns in the Dead Zone, though. Thankfully, my Oxygen suit kept me from dying of hypoxia long enough to summon the vehicle.

Tip #4: Ransack Every Town

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One of the cool things about Biomutant is that it notifies players of the available loot. As soon as you go into a town/barren city, a tracker will pop up displaying the number of hidden items in that area.

It can be a bit of a pain to search every trash can, dresser drawer, and couch for items. I’d still recommend doing so, though, considering how hard loot is to come by early on, recent patch improving drop rates notwithstanding. And with the tracker sharing how many rare items are in a given location, nothing is stopping you from lining your pockets with goodies or superb loot.

Tip #5: Develop Your Wong-Fu

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Being able to unlock new psi-abilities and mutations is always a treat. Who wouldn’t want to throw fireballs or spew mind-altering toxic waste? It also a good idea to unlock resistance-based perks. That said, one thing that everyone should be doing is developing their Wong-Fu.

Every time you level up, you should unlock a new Wong-Fu combo for the weapons in your arsenal. Not only are these combos useful in taking down enemies, but they also bring about the “Super Wong-Fu Mode” — a powered-up state where you can dish out a tremendous amount of damage in a manner of seconds.

Biomutant’s combo system is linked to its weapon classes. Slashing weapons all use the same combos, for instance. Because of this, it’s easy to swap to a hard-hitting weapon in a different class and lose access to previously unlocked combos and the Super Wong-Fu Mode. That’s why it’s best to unlock new combos for each weapon in your inventory as soon as you can. That way, regardless of what gun or blade you switch you, you’ll always be able to use Super Wong-Fu.

Tip #6: Enjoy Your Stay

Biomutant’s world can be a fun place to visit. There is plenty to do and many sights to see. So make your own way to the Tree-of-Life or use one of our handy guides. No matter what you do, though, just make sure you’re enjoying yourself while doing it.

Those are our Biomutant beginner’s tips and tricks to get you through your early hours. For more on Experiment 101’s action RPG, consider checking out our other Biomutant guides.

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